Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reproduce an image from my digital camera?

Yes. Many digital cameras capture images with a pixel dimension of 2000 pixels x 1500 pixels and up to (3 Megapixel to 14 Megapixel cameras.) That being said know however that in digital reproduction more is better there are limits as to how large you can print from one megapixel size to the next. Optimably the size range would be about an 8 x 10 for a 3 Megapixel 16" x 20" for 4, 20" x 30" for 5, 24" x 36" for 6 so on and so forth.

In real life however you can easly not follow this scheme although image quality does dictate what is acceptable and not, and it is a personal choice.

Are my 35 mm slides suitable for reproduction?

Yes. Although like the above infomation on the digital states you can only go so big before seeing the quality level drop. To some extent each image on film or digital can be shot well meaning with opitmal lighting and such and look better than a poorly lit image subsequently when enlarging an image to print your noise from poor lighting also gets enlarged with a 35 mm slide you can print animage of about 18 x 24 with aceptable results.

Can I upload my digital files to your site?

Yes, you can upload your files to our secure FTP site.

Username and password available on request.

Please call 01206 827744.

How large of an image can you print?

We can print up to 44" wide on all medias. Any length on all media. Bear in mind files can be rotated so 44” can be the shortest measurement.

How large should my digital files be?

As a general rule your file should be 150-360dpi, 360dpi is of course optimal, beyond 360dpi no great difference is noticeable.


UISart is committed to providing the utmost in service, quality,and quick delivery.

Rather than the time and cost involved with lithographs or seriographs, the print on demand of giclee printing, has never been easier, Reproductions of your original art, digital photography, and computer graphics can be printed on the media of your choice. You will see how cost effective it is to have all your print work done by professionals who care and who are trained in the nuances of subtle color management and other fine art details.

There is much to know in the world of digital reproduction for artists and photographers. We strive to make the process easy for you, by offering personalized service, quick turn around, and whenever possible going the extra mile for your unique situation.

The printers that we use are the new Epson 9800 with the ground breaking K-3 ink technology as well as the Epson 9600 which also prints up to to 44” inches wide.

If it is your desire to have reproductions of either original art or photography that in and of themselves are a work of art and state of the art quality then we look foward to being of service.


For artists who create original art in the form of paintings, drawings, pastels etc.. the Giclee print is a means to reproduce your work in nearly identical form and quality, creating a limited or open edition.

Digital technology makes it possible for artists to extend the influence of their art, on the media of their choice. With results that do great justice to the original work . We offer many media choices with numerous options and services.

We use the Epson 9600 and the Epson 9800 for state of the art quality worthy of the discerning taste of even the most trained eye.


High resolution giclee ink-jet printing is an excellent choice for photographers wanting to create single or multi-sized reproductions from digital files or original film. The choices of substrates to choose from are wide from high quality photo to fine art watercolor or canvas medias. For the finest reproduction we have come to rely on Epson printers with ultra-chrome inks and very fine resolution dot patterns for truely wonderful images.

We have the latest technology marvel from Epson, the 9800 44" printer which has the K3 inks, using 8 color pigmented ink.

For further information please call UIS on (00 44) (0) 1206 827744 or contact us.